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Rework edf2nx (add configuration file)

payno requested to merge rework_edf2nx into master


Requires tomoscan!77 (merged)

  • use a configuration class instead of options provided directory
  • allow several values for rotation angle key (see #101 (closed) )
  • allow user to define unit of different field on the spec-edf as pixel size, sample / detector distance ... (see #100 (closed) )
  • let user provide a different file prefix than the folder name and provide information contained in .info (see #98 (closed)) I guess those modifications will impact tomoscan
  • let user define more angles options (see #97 (closed))
  • improve handling of negative ScanRange (see #102 (closed) ).
  • in order to let the user define a .info file and to avoid improving complexity of the code we will convert the .info contain into a dict and provide this one to the EDFTomoScan class
  • add an application to generate an edf2nx configuration file
  • update tutorial for edf2nx
  • try to deduce field of view for edf as well
  • move default distance , x/y/x translation to centimeter instead of meter. Make more sense.
  • move tomoscan dependency to 0.9.0a


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