Commit 94b44153 authored by payno's avatar payno

fix some typo

parent 3c6b3e55
......@@ -171,14 +171,12 @@ class SingleProcessTask(_TomwerTask):
inputs = self.read_inputs()
# deal with the root node
if len(inputs) is 0:
if self.tomwer_class_name == 'tomwer.core.process.datatransfert.FolderTransfert':
for name, value in inputs.items():
if name == 'change recons params':
_logger.warning('`change recons params` signal is ignore for now')
if self.tomwer_class_name == 'tomwer.core.process.datatransfert.FolderTransfert':
handler = self._instance.input_handler(name=name)
if handler is None:
raise ValueError('No handler define by %s for %s' % (self.tomwer_class, name))
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