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  • manage different dimensions for 3D spectra
  • load and save dimensions from the configuration
  • add an interface to estimate E0 (from pymca and larch process) ?
  • integrate the E0 calculator in the existing interfaces (pymca & larch)
  • add a E0 calculator widget that is compatible with larch and pymca processes.
  • test with B33_30mu_1f_noEXAFS dataset
  • unable image ROI selection. should be always active -> to be discuss later. Maybe not showing the RoiManager is simpler and better for the users. ?
  • Input widget
    • should run the load without freezing the gui. we will see this later
    • should be a Dialog with when start is selected it should hide the widget
  • remove copy of hdf5 files
  • add a widget to make a copy - saving point
  • error log message should specify the spectrum position when process fails.

For now we are patching the XASNormalizationParameters with the E0CalculationDialog. This part could be moved to pymca ?

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