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Change Log
* xas
* core
* add core processes to access the PyMca XASClass main functionnalities
* spectrum normalization (xas.core.process.normalization)
* exafs - Extended X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure (xas.core.process.exafs)
* fourier transform (xas.core.process.ft)
* weight (xas.core.process.weight)
* input / output
* add function for reading spectrum from .dat files
* add function for reading spectrum and configuration from .h5 files
* app
* add application to process a .ows file defining a workflow without orange.
input spectrum file and output file can be specified.
* orangecontrib
* add widgets for pymca xas processes
* pymca_normalization
* pymca_exafs
* pymca_ft
* pymca_k_weight
* add widgets for input and output
* xas_input
* xas_output
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