Pypushflow api change to stop a workflow

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import os
from time import sleep
from ewoksjob.client import submit

# Assume Bliss demo worker is running:
#   BEACON_HOST=lindenolf:10001 CELERY_LOADER=ewoksjob.config.EwoksLoader \
#   celery -A ewoksjob.apps.ewoks worker --pool=worker
os.environ["BEACON_HOST"] = "lindenolf:10001"

args = ("bes.flows.TroubleShooting",)
load_options = {"representation": "json_module", "root_module": "bes.flows"}
kwargs = {
    "load_options": load_options,
    "binding": "ppf",
    "stop_on_signals": True,  # stop workflow on SIGTERM send by celery
                              # as a result of calling future.revoke
    "forced_interruption": True,  # kill running tasks when stopping the workflow

future = submit(args=args, kwargs=kwargs)

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