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add ppf_log_level argument for MX

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......@@ -255,12 +255,9 @@ class InputMergeActor(AbstractActor):
class EwoksWorkflow(Workflow):
def __init__(
ewoksgraph: TaskGraph,
def __init__(self, ewoksgraph: TaskGraph, ppf_log_level=logging.WARNING):
name = repr(ewoksgraph)
super().__init__(name, level=logging.WARNING)
super().__init__(name, level=ppf_log_level)
# When triggering a task, the output dict of the previous task
# is merged with the input dict of the current task.
......@@ -571,10 +568,11 @@ def execute_graph(
inputs: Optional[List[dict]] = None,
load_options: Optional[dict] = None,
ppf_log_level: int = logging.WARNING,
if load_options is None:
load_options = dict()
ewoksgraph = load_graph(graph, inputs=inputs, **load_options)
ppfgraph = EwoksWorkflow(ewoksgraph)
ppfgraph = EwoksWorkflow(ewoksgraph, ppf_log_level=ppf_log_level)
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