Small modifications for the XRPD pipeline project

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Some small things I noticed when working on the XRPD pipeline project

  • ewoksorange.canvas.__main__ was imported by the bindings which where imported in ewoksorange.__init__. This gives a warning

    RuntimeWarning: 'ewoksorange.canvas.__main__' found in sys.modules after import of package
    'ewoksorange.canvas', but prior to execution of 'ewoksorange.canvas.__main__';
    this may result in unpredictable behaviour
  • add features to ewoksorange.gui.parameterform/ParameterForm (e.g. HDF5 URL selection)

  • added OWEwoksBaseWidget.executeEwoksTaskWithoutPropagation in addition to the already existing OWEwoksBaseWidget.executeEwoksTask

  • several small improvements

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