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Provide 'advance' orange widget designs

payno requested to merge document_orange_designs into main


should be merge first:

  • ewokscore!21 (merged)

  • !9 (merged)

  • add documentation

    • general information
    • information regarding the two possible designs (inherit from OWEwoksWidget or Registered)
  • add an example and test cases for the Registered use case

    • provide advancement to orange and do processing on a thread
  • publish documentation on pages (should be done once merged on master)

  • add an BaseOWesrfTask
    • make current OWEwoksWidget
    • one class for each of those use cases:
      • launch a new thread per request
      • single processing thread: refuse request if already processing
      • single thread with a stack
    • see what is the best way to handle progress on those use cases and with Task.
    • split binding into several file
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