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Before merging commit containing get_sinogram and the flat_field_normalization we should ask ourself how much processing we want to integrate in tomoscan.

To get sinogram we need to embed the flat_field_normalization. And for the flat field normalization we need to compute / get mean / median dark and flats (normed_flats and normed_dark in the code).


  • do we want this to be part of tomoscan ?
  • do we want to create a third library / class for this processing ?
  • do we let this to the applications ?


  • move some unit test from tomwer to tomoscan
  • add get_sinogram function to TomwerScanBase and implementation
  • add flat field normalization ??? for now the code included is used for 'simple visualization' and is making some approximation.
  • tests
  • name standardisation ?
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