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Handle pcotomo

payno requested to merge handle_pcotomo into master


  • PR to be merged first:
  • fix #88 (closed)
  • refactor existing to use the nexus module
    • rework FrameAppender:
      • add handling of h5py.VirtualSource type
      • improve handling of DataUrl
  • add pcotomo
    • retrieve information regarding nb_loop and nb_tomo
    • add a dedicated class for PCOTomo
    • add unit tests
  • update 'create NXtomo from scratch adding examples by providing externalDataUrl or VirtualSources'
  • add test diode is not created from standardacquisition unit test
  • add documentation on design:
    • one step to read all entries / node
    • create NXtomo entries associated to those
    • optional rework on NXtomo entries (pcotomo case)
    • save NXtomo according to the configuration file
  • allow loading an NXtomo to edit it from the existing API (might use tomoscan). Like NXtomo.load(file_path, data_path) -> NXtomo ? If so: this will be part of another PR
    • add API
    • add unit test
  • add a function to split a h5py VirtualDataset from a selection (needed to split an NXTomo)
  • update documentation of NXtomo edition


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