3dxrd improvements

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Description / Goal

Add management of 3d-xrd dataset in nxtomomill.

TODO list

  • handle HDF5
    • add a Mock up class for 3D XRD to be done in another PR
    • add unittest
    • add a new application to handle 3d-xrd
    • save motor position for 'rocking'
  • handle EDF
    • rework EDF converter might be done in another PR. No the prioroty at this point.

INFO (how to use...)

some example of usage:

  • without a configuration file
    nxtomomill h5-3dxrd-2nx bassanite_Bassanite_start_1_4.h5 test_julia_no_cfg.nx --single-file
  • with a configuration file
    nxtomomill h5-3dxrd-2nx --config xrd_3d_config.cfg

an example of a configuration file: xrd_3d_config.cfg

Any warning ?

associated materials (screenshot, test scripts...)

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