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Patch image key

payno requested to merge patch_image_key into master

Propose option to modify image_key and image_key_control from:

  • a function: utils.change_image_key_control
  • command line: from patch-nx


example of usage:

# force frames 26 and 27 to be dark
nxtomomill patch-nx --update-to-dark 26:28 simple_case.h5 entry
# force frames 10, 13, 16 and 19 to be flatfield
nxtomomill patch-nx --update-to-flat 10:20:3 simple_case.h5 entry
# force frame 0, 1 and to 4 to be projections
nxtomomill patch-nx --update-to-proj 0,1,4 simple_case.h5 entry
# force first frame to be alignment projection
nxtomomill patch-nx --update-to-alignment 0 simple_case.h5 entry
# force all frames to be invalid
nxtomomill patch-nx --invalid-frames : simple_case.h5 entry
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