[tomoh5tonx] start creation of nx file from .h5.

payno requested to merge payno/nxtomomill:add_hdf5_nx into master


  • Read each tomo:x
  • create the sequence
  • split each sequence into a file and create a 'master file' to read them all
  • add data virtual dataset
  • add basic metadata (name, beam...)
  • add image_key and image_key_control
  • add rotation_angle
  • add x_translation, y_translation, z_translation
  • add some progress to clarify treatment
  • make sure file is still valid if moved.
  • add count_time information
  • add file version (same for edftonx)

limitation from original .h5 file

  • image_key not register in tomo_v2_external

  • some unit missing

  • counter is saved as a detector. Why ? -> how to know which node contains 'camera' and which don't ?

    -> have to filter the 'detector name'

  • rotation is sometime named srot, sometime hrsrot !!! (and for projection both are recorded !!!!) So in this case the order of checking key matter !!!

  • for reference: several frame, one srot value !!!

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