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[settings] add `frelon2` camera and `rotm` as rotation angle key

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......@@ -35,9 +35,9 @@ __date__ = "13/05/2020"
### HDF5 settings
H5_VALID_CAMERA_NAMES = ('pcolinux', 'basler1', 'frelon1', 'pco2linux', 'dimaxlinux', 'pcowin')
H5_VALID_CAMERA_NAMES = ('pcolinux', 'basler1', 'frelon1', 'frelon2', 'pco2linux', 'dimaxlinux', 'pcowin')
H5_ROT_ANGLE_KEYS = ('mhsrot', 'mrsrot', 'hrsrot', 'srot', 'diffrz')
H5_ROT_ANGLE_KEYS = ('rotm', 'mhsrot', 'mrsrot', 'hrsrot', 'srot', 'diffrz')
H5_X_TRANS_KEYS = ("sx", 'd3tx')
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