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  • v2020.1.0

    Internal alpha release 2020.1.0 This release is not meant for public use, yet.

    Features included in this release:

    • Pre-processing: Flat-field, phase retrieval (Paganin), FBP reconstruction
    • "Double flat-field", only with numpy backend
    • Read and write HDF5-Nexus files. Support for ESRF legacy EDF scans.
    • CLI tools: nabu-config (bootstrap a configuration file) and nabu (simple reconstruction)
    • (Internally): chunk processing and "flexible processing pipeline", with support of binning/subsampling

    Features currently being developed, and not part of this release:

    • Automatic CoR computation (MR !27)
    • Computations distributions (neither local nor task-scheduler)

    Features implemented in both the numpy and cuda backends, but not tested enough and/or not integrated in the "flexible processing pipeline":

    • Hotspots removal (thresholded median filter)
    • Sinogram-based rings correction (Fourier-Wavelets filter)
    • Horizontal sample shifts