New features

  • lima_conda_build script: local Conda compilation with optimization for native architecture

Bug fixes

  • #135: Fix unprotected member access in CtSaving::_getTaskList
  • #131: InvalidValue exception, roi-out-of-limits when applying rotation with an image_roi already defined fix computation of the max_roi according to the current binning and rotation Add equality operators for Size and their missing python bindings for Point, Size and FrameDim Add test for ROI computation for every bin / flip / rot
  • #130: continuous acquisition and hdf5 saving broken fix deadlock resulting in saving task stall and consequently AcqStatus being AcqRunning indefinitely fix _calcAcqStatus when acq_nb_frames == 0
  • #120: stopAcq() destroying non empty allocator Do not destroy default Allocator until it's empty

Camera updates

  • Maxipix 1.9.1: fixed latency_time calculation when in hardware trigger mode

  • Pilatus 1.9.1:

    • Bug Fix: IntTrigMult trigger mode, mode to software trig each image exposing, has been repaired, and can be use now to have faster software acquisition sequence
    • New Features: Tango: new properties to run the server on a slave computer, not only on the DCU computer:
      • tmpfs_path. default = /lima_data
      • host_name, default = localhost
      • host_port, default = 41234
      • config_path, default = /home/det/p2_det/config/cam_data/camera.def
  • Simulator 1.9.2:

    • Fix EDF Parser (allow smaller header block of 512Kib)
    • Fix Prefetch mode (segfault and/or black images with some use cases)

New cameras

  • Arinax: The OAV B-ZOOM is an On-Axis Video-microscope with a hybrid zoom system used for parallax free observation of micrometer sized crystals. It is optimized for MX crystallography beamlines and high throughput stations in Synchrotrons.
  • QHYccd: high-performance scientific grade CMOS and CCD cameras