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    pco-1.408 · 9e0ff2af
    Roberto Arturo Homs-Regojo authored
    minor tools / added ident.exe for cpInstall
    - _xferImag_getImage_edge() / TESTCMDMODE_EDGE_XFER (0x2) test mode without events for edge gold usb
    - logsbackup.bat, logsoff.bat, logson.bat (manage PCO log files)
    - minor debug / trace / ...
    - extraction of the imgNr and date/time from the timestamp of the image
    - fix division by 0 when camera subType is not defined
    - included checkImgNr in _xferImag_getImage_edge and _xferImag
    - minor / format / trace
    - usb3
    - fixed the procedure for pco edge usb / different from pco edge
    -- start record before assign buffer
    -- force cancel images always before record off / to avoid go to unknow
      state of the cam
    -- long tests done with edge/cameralink
    - added function _isRunAfterAssign() in order to manage the start record for all types
    - minor: moved basic pco sdk fuctions to PcoCameraSdk.cpp (partial)
    - long tests done with edge/usb3 OK
    - sip fix getMaxWidthHeight to int
    - talk / included getVersion file
    - minor / names
    - vc project / included sip files
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