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fix sip

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......@@ -292,18 +292,18 @@ class ShutterCtrlObj : HwShutterCtrlObj
ShutterCtrlObj(Frelon::Camera& cam);
virtual ~ShutterCtrlObj();
virtual bool checkMode(ShutterMode shut_mode);
virtual void getModeList(ShutterModeList& mode_list /Out/);
virtual bool checkMode(ShutterMode shut_mode) const;
virtual void getModeList(ShutterModeList& mode_list /Out/) const;
virtual void setMode(ShutterMode shut_mode);
virtual void getMode(ShutterMode& shut_mode /Out/);
virtual void getMode(ShutterMode& shut_mode /Out/) const;
virtual void setState(bool shut_open);
virtual void getState(bool& shut_open /Out/);
virtual void getState(bool& shut_open /Out/) const;
virtual void setOpenTime (double shut_open_time);
virtual void getOpenTime (double& shut_open_time /Out/);
virtual void getOpenTime (double& shut_open_time /Out/) const;
virtual void setCloseTime(double shut_close_time);
virtual void getCloseTime(double& shut_close_time /Out/);
virtual void getCloseTime(double& shut_close_time /Out/) const;
ShutterCtrlObj(const Frelon::ShutterCtrlObj&);
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