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**LimaBpmWebServer** is a python web-server which can be used to easily display live images from cameras driven by a LimaCCDs tango server.In addition the web-server can display some information like the position and the size of a unique beam spot. The beam spot position is automatically calculated by the Bpm plugin device of the LimaCCDs tango server.
The web-server can be only used with the LimaCCDs tango server version 1.9.2 or greater.
Be sure you have a recent LimaCCDs server installation for your cameras (version 1.9.2 or upper).
## Web interface
......@@ -74,7 +74,6 @@ cmake --build build --target install
To run the server, just execute:
# serve at localhost:8066
......@@ -87,13 +86,13 @@ usage: LimaBpmWebServer [-h] [-b BIND] [-p Port] [-w Whitelist]
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-b BIND, --bind BIND IP/Hostname of interface to bind to (default:
-p Port, --port Port The port to bind to (default: 8066)
-w Whitelist, --whitelist Whitelist
A Whitelist yml file to load (default: None)
The white-list yml file allows to provide a short list of cameras you want to access through the web interface. One can find a example file whitelist-example.yml
Without a white-list the server will access the Tango database to find all the LimaCCDs servers running on your local network.
The white-list yml file can be used to provide a short list and limit the web access to a certain number of cameras. Have a look on the example file whitelist-example.yml
Without a white-list file the server will give access to all the cameras it can find via the Tango database.
Start a browser pointing to [localhost:8066](http://localhost:8066)
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