Commit 0fa4b80c authored by Laurent Claustre's avatar Laurent Claustre
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Increment espia/frelon/maxipix release to build new package for debian8 port

parent 8ab1e531
Subproject commit bd905e1cec751e38b183b25188dfacc48ed004ff
Subproject commit 345a7cc7b70a04aaa91192aacf530747cf612c29
Subproject commit 6ca94a75b4cb4e77a5678d8721e03d08b55bd4e5
Subproject commit eb023c563db6cef2db0ee5e3f45cceab3aa480e9
Subproject commit 96af0121cbe35e668aa3e9f54a041efd52c0e609
Subproject commit e4d993f69029b682081434a9d46fae463c4d4e9e
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