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Added "Request ID" to initial workflow info

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...@@ -15,10 +15,12 @@ class PyBesWorkflowDbClient(PyMongoWorkflowDbClient, register_name="pybes"): ...@@ -15,10 +15,12 @@ class PyBesWorkflowDbClient(PyMongoWorkflowDbClient, register_name="pybes"):
initiator = os.environ.get("PYPUSHFLOW_INITIATOR", "Unknown") initiator = os.environ.get("PYPUSHFLOW_INITIATOR", "Unknown")
host = os.environ.get("PYPUSHFLOW_HOST", "Unknown") host = os.environ.get("PYPUSHFLOW_HOST", "Unknown")
port = os.environ.get("PYPUSHFLOW_PORT", "Unknown") port = os.environ.get("PYPUSHFLOW_PORT", "Unknown")
requestId = os.environ.get("PYPUSHFLOW_OBJECTID", "Unknown")
return { return {
"initiator": initiator, "initiator": initiator,
"host": host, "host": host,
"port": port, "port": port,
"Request ID": requestId,
} }
def generateWorkflowId(self, oid: Optional[str] = None): def generateWorkflowId(self, oid: Optional[str] = None):
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