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Commit a1bcd4a7 authored by Olof Svensson's avatar Olof Svensson

Added file logger

parent 7f2627e3
......@@ -24,14 +24,15 @@ __license__ = "MIT"
__date__ = "28/05/2019"
import os
import time
import pprint
import logging
import pathlib
import logging.handlers
from pypushflow import UtilsMongoDb
logger = logging.getLogger('pypushflow')
class Workflow(object):
......@@ -40,24 +41,45 @@ class Workflow(object):
self.listOnErrorActor = []
self.mongoId = UtilsMongoDb.initMongo(name=name)
self.listActorRef = []
self.logger = self.initLogger()
def connectOnError(self, actor):
logger.debug("In Workflow '{0}' connectOnError, actor name {1}".format(,
self.logger.debug("In Workflow '{0}' connectOnError, actor name {1}".format(,
def triggerOnError(self, inData):
logger.debug("In Workflow '{0}' triggerOnError, inData:".format(
self.logger.debug("In Workflow '{0}' triggerOnError, inData:".format(
for onErrorActor in self.listOnErrorActor:
logger.debug("In Workflow '{0}' triggerOnError, triggering actor name {1}".format(,
self.logger.debug("In Workflow '{0}' triggerOnError, triggering actor name {1}".format(,
def getActorPath(self):
return '/' +
def addActorRef(self, actorRef):"Adding actor ref: {0}".format("Adding actor ref: {0}".format(
def getListActorRef(self):
return self.listActorRef
def initLogger(self):
logger = logging.getLogger('pypushflow')
user = os.environ.get("USER", "unknown")
initiator = os.environ.get("PYPUSHFLOW_INITIATOR", "pypushflow")
log_file_dir = pathlib.Path("/tmp/{0}/{1}".format(user, initiator))
if not log_file_dir.exists():
log_file_dir.mkdir(mode=0o755, parents=True)
log_file_path = log_file_dir / "pypushfloww.log"
maxBytes = 1e6
backupCount = 10
fileHandler = logging.handlers.RotatingFileHandler(
log_file_path, maxBytes=maxBytes, backupCount=backupCount)
logFileFormat = '%(asctime)s %(levelname)-8s %(message)s'
formatter = logging.Formatter(logFileFormat)
logger.addHandler(fileHandler)"Logging started")
return logger
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