Commit a1257e52 authored by payno's avatar payno
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[PythonActor] simplify overwriting in_data

parent 9054ef4d
......@@ -211,14 +211,12 @@ class PythonActor(AbstractActor):
:param data: input data
channel, in_data = in_data' on trigger channel is', channel)'On trigger channel is ' + str(channel))
# cast data to dict if necessary
if hasattr(in_data, 'to_dict'):
_in_data = in_data.to_dict()
_in_data = in_data
in_data = in_data.to_dict()
self.in_data = _in_data
self.in_data = in_data
logger.debug('In trigger {0}, inData = {1}'.format(, pprint.pformat(in_data)))
if isinstance(in_data, WorkflowException):
logger.error('Error from previous actor! Not running actor {0}'.format(
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