Commit 93c4bd95 authored by Operator for ID30's avatar Operator for ID30
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Bug fix for Stop actor

parent 4e8fb796
...@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@ import logging ...@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@ import logging
import multiprocessing import multiprocessing
from pypushflow import UtilsMongoDb from pypushflow import UtilsMongoDb
from pypushflow import Submodel
logger = logging.getLogger('pypushflow') logger = logging.getLogger('pypushflow')
...@@ -43,14 +44,18 @@ class StopActor(object): ...@@ -43,14 +44,18 @@ class StopActor(object):
def trigger(self, inData): def trigger(self, inData):
logger.debug('In trigger {0}, errorHandler = {1}'.format(, self.errorHandler)) logger.debug('In trigger {0}, errorHandler = {1}'.format(, self.errorHandler))
if self.parent is not None and hasattr(self.parent, 'mongoId'): # Check if parent is workflow
if self.parent is not None and not isinstance(self.parent, Submodel.Submodel):
UtilsMongoDb.closeMongo(self.parent.mongoId) UtilsMongoDb.closeMongo(self.parent.mongoId)
if self.errorHandler is not None:
self.outData = inData self.outData = inData
logger.error('In {0}, parent {1}, before lock.release'.format(,
self.lock.release() self.lock.release()
logger.error('In {0}, parent {1}, after lock.release'.format(,
def join(self, timeout=7200): def join(self, timeout=7200):
logger.error('In {0}, parent {1}, before lock.acquire'.format(,
self.lock.acquire(timeout=timeout) self.lock.acquire(timeout=timeout)
logger.error('In {0}, parent {1}, after lock.acquire'.format(,
...@@ -41,13 +41,14 @@ class Workflow(object): ...@@ -41,13 +41,14 @@ class Workflow(object):
self.mongoId = UtilsMongoDb.initMongo(name=name) self.mongoId = UtilsMongoDb.initMongo(name=name)
def connectOnError(self, actor): def connectOnError(self, actor):
logger.debug("In connectOnError in subModule {0}, actor name {1}".format(, logger.debug("In Workflow '{0}' connectOnError, actor name {1}".format(,
self.listOnErrorActor.append(actor) self.listOnErrorActor.append(actor)
def triggerOnError(self, inData): def triggerOnError(self, inData):
logger.debug("In Workflow '{0}' triggerOnError, inData:".format(
logger.debug(pprint.pformat(inData)) logger.debug(pprint.pformat(inData))
for onErrorActor in self.listOnErrorActor: for onErrorActor in self.listOnErrorActor:
logger.debug(onErrorActor.trigger) logger.debug("In Workflow '{0}' triggerOnError, triggering actor name {1}".format(,
onErrorActor.trigger(inData) onErrorActor.trigger(inData)
def getActorPath(self): def getActorPath(self):
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