Commit 811bb1f8 authored by payno's avatar payno
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remove some remaining from a previous project

parent 61ac29ae
Subproject commit ac97541efc62b1e4e2640ec568d33af23c2f417f
Subproject commit e99104e134c9932d2be81c3870f5c923ba62cccc
......@@ -332,8 +332,6 @@ if __name__ == "__main__": # Needed for multiprocessing support on Windows
help="Increase verbosity. Option -v prints additional " +
"INFO messages. Use -vv for full verbosity, " +
"including debug messages and test help strings.")
parser.add_argument("--qt-binding", dest="qt_binding", default=None,
help="Force using a Qt binding, from 'PyQt4', 'PyQt5', or 'PySide'")
default_test_name = "%s.test.suite" % PROJECT_NAME
parser.add_argument("test_name", nargs='*',
......@@ -356,30 +354,6 @@ if __name__ == "__main__": # Needed for multiprocessing support on Windows
test_verbosity = 2
use_buffer = False
if options.qt_binding:
binding = options.qt_binding.lower()
if binding == "pyqt4":"Force using PyQt4")
if sys.version < "3.0.0":
import sip
sip.setapi("QString", 2)
sip.setapi("QVariant", 2)
except Exception:
logger.warning("Cannot set sip API")
import PyQt4.QtCore # noqa
elif binding == "pyqt5":"Force using PyQt5")
import PyQt5.QtCore # noqa
elif binding == "pyside":"Force using PySide")
import PySide.QtCore # noqa
elif binding == "pyside2":"Force using PySide2")
import PySide2.QtCore # noqa
raise ValueError("Qt binding '%s' is unknown" % options.qt_binding)
# Run the tests
runnerArgs = {}
runnerArgs["verbosity"] = test_verbosity
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