Commit 25b2a077 authored by payno's avatar payno
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[JoinActor] adapt join actor to updated code

parent b88d79cf
...@@ -36,14 +36,18 @@ class JoinActor(AbstractActor): ...@@ -36,14 +36,18 @@ class JoinActor(AbstractActor):
def increaseNumberOfThreads(self): def increaseNumberOfThreads(self):
self.numberOfThreads += 1 self.numberOfThreads += 1
def trigger(self, inData): def trigger(self, in_data):
self.listInData.append(inData) if in_data is None:
channel = data = None
channel, data = in_data
if len(self.listInData) == self.numberOfThreads: if len(self.listInData) == self.numberOfThreads:
newInData = {} newInData = {}
for data in self.listInData: for data in self.listInData:
newInData.update(data) newInData.update(data)
for actor in self.listDownStreamActor: for actor in self.listDownStreamActor:
actor.trigger(newInData) actor.trigger((channel, data))
class JoinUntilStopSignal(AbstractActor): class JoinUntilStopSignal(AbstractActor):
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