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inData may not have INFOKEY

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import sys
import logging
from typing import Optional
from pypushflow.Workflow import Workflow
from pypushflow.StopActor import StopActor
......@@ -31,18 +32,20 @@ from ewokscore.node import node_name_as_string as actor_name
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def varinfo_from_indata(inData):
def varinfo_from_indata(inData) -> Optional[dict]:
if ppfrunscript.INFOKEY not in inData:
return None
varinfo = inData[ppfrunscript.INFOKEY].get("varinfo")
node_attrs = inData[ppfrunscript.INFOKEY].get("node_attrs", dict())
return get_varinfo(node_attrs, varinfo=varinfo)
def is_ppfmethod(node_attrs: dict):
def is_ppfmethod(node_attrs: dict) -> bool:
task_type, _ = task_executable_info(node_attrs)
return task_type in ("ppfmethod", "ppfport")
def actordata_filter(actorData):
def actordata_filter(actorData: dict) -> dict:
for key in ["inData", "outData"]:
data = actorData.get(key, None)
if data is None:
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