1. 11 Jul, 2019 2 commits
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      Merge branch 'fix_10' into 'master' · 9913c390
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      Fix 10 - make pymca process from a thread
      Closes #10
      See merge request workflow/xas!8
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      [core][process] main rework of the processes. · a32b41b1
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      - now process can take an output and an output_dict for storing the result in a multiprocessing.Proxy object
      - rework process action to avoid several call to pymca `processSpectrum` function
      - add an option to XasObject `to_dict` function to simply store raw data (which is the reference), but also to keep processing results to be used later.
      This is need for the 'non gui' workflow processing which uses a dictionnary instead of a XasObject.
  2. 10 Jul, 2019 4 commits
  3. 09 Jul, 2019 4 commits
  4. 08 Jul, 2019 4 commits
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      [pool process + processing thread] proto - make processing in a pool and start... · 19917577
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      [pool process + processing thread] proto - make processing in a pool and start from a separated thread to avoid gui freeze.
      Move Normalization to multiprocessing.Pool and the call from orange from a dedicated thread and with a QThreadPool.
      This prevent any gui freeze.
      For now this is just a prototype. Some thing to do:
      - create a pool_process that will be inherited from PyMca_normalization and QPyMca_normalization.
      - generalize this structure for each orange widget.
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      Merge branch 'fix_9' into 'master' · d748b44e
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      [gui] add advancement on the processing
      See merge request workflow/xas!7
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      [gui] add advancement on the processing · 2cd39480
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      - create core/progress module which contains `Progress` class used to give some feedback about the advancement
      - create orangecontrib/progress module to overwrite Progress functions with a QSignal in order to connect this processing to the orange widget.
      - this require to move all core processing to classes (ft, exafs...) to keep the 'Progress' or 'QProgress' object
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      Merge branch 'fix_1_gui' into 'master' · 72419023
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      Fix 1 gui
      Closes #1
      See merge request workflow/xas!6
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