Commit d88fd87d authored by Perceval Guillou's avatar Perceval Guillou
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Merge branch 'pithan-master-patch-62941' into 'master'

Update bliss/shell/cli/

See merge request bliss/bliss!1143
parents 42197ea6 9af623c5
......@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ class TypingHelper(object):
if e.message == "Syntax Error":
repl.default_buffer.insert_text(" ")
elif self.is_float_str(re.split(",|\(", text)[-1]): # e.g. ascan(m0,1
elif self.is_float_str(re.split(r",|\(", text)[-1]): # e.g. ascan(m0,1
repl.default_buffer.insert_text(" ")
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