Commit 8ce16e77 authored by payno's avatar payno Committed by Henri Payno
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[core][intensity-normalization] move up the cast of result to a tuple

parent 8c9886a2
......@@ -112,6 +112,10 @@ class IntensityNormalizationProcess(SingleProcess, SuperviseProcess):
scan.intensity_normalization.tomwer_processing_res_code = False
scan.intensity_normalization.tomwer_processing_res_code = True
# insure this could be hashable (for caches)
if isinstance(res, numpy.ndarray):
res = tuple(res)
scan.intensity_normalization.tomwer_processing_res = res
if need_conversion_to_tomoscan:
......@@ -429,7 +433,5 @@ def results_to_tomoscan_norm(
scan.intensity_normalization = TomoScanMethod.SCALAR
if results is not None:
if isinstance(results, numpy.ndarray):
results = tuple(results)
extra_infos["value"] = results
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