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orangecontrib: doc: add minimal documentation for I normalization

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.. _intensity normalization:
I normalization
.. image:: img/intensity_normalization/main_screen.png
The goal of this widget is to let the user define some normalization to be applied to sinograms.
This normalization can be one of the following:
* None: no extra normalization will be applied to the sinogram
* chebyshev: chebyshev normalization will be applied to sinograms
* division: a value or an array of value will divide the sinogram (during nabu preprocessing step)
* subtraction: a value or an array of value will subtract the sinogram (during nabu preprocessing step)
For **division** and **subtraction** the user can either provide:
* a scalar value which will be constant
* a roi to compute one scalar value *per projections* in order to be applied on the sinogram.
* an URL to be provided directly to nabu. In this case the dataset can be provided locally or globally.
If provided locally then the path will be updated for each scan. If provided globally then it will be constant.
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