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Commit f6c31111 authored by payno's avatar payno

[hdf5][tomoscan] return intrument/detector/tomo_n instead of len(projections)

parent 136f224c
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......@@ -121,6 +121,8 @@ class HDF5TomoScan(TomoScanBase):
_ESTIMATED_COR_FRM_MOTOR_PATH = "instrument/detector/estimated_cor_from_motor"
_TOMO_N_SCAN = "instrument/detector/tomo_n"
_ENERGY_PATH = "beam/incident_energy"
_START_TIME_PATH = "start_time"
......@@ -507,12 +509,12 @@ class HDF5TomoScan(TomoScanBase):
and self.master_file
and os.path.exists(self.master_file)
if self.projections:
return len(self.projections)
return None
return None
with HDF5File(self.master_file, "r") as h5_file:
if self._TOMO_N_SCAN in h5_file[self._entry]:
self._tomo_n = h5py_read_dataset(
return self._tomo_n
def return_projs(self) -> typing.Union[None, list]:
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