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[hdf5scan] Remove occurences to tomwer in MockScan

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......@@ -35,8 +35,7 @@ import os
from xml.etree import cElementTree
import fabio
import fabio.edfimage
from tomoscan.esrf.hdf5scan import ImageKey
from tomwer.core.scan.hdf5scan import HDF5TomoScan
from .hdf5scan import ImageKey, HDF5TomoScan
class _ScanMock:
......@@ -517,7 +516,7 @@ class MockEDF(_ScanMock):
assert type(nRadio) is int
assert type(nRecons) is int
assert type(dim) is int
from tomwer.core.scan.scanfactory import ScanFactory # avoid cyclic import
from ..scanfactory import ScanFactory # avoid cyclic import
MockEDF.fastMockAcquisition(folder=scanID, n_radio=nRadio,
scan_range=scan_range, n_extra_radio=n_extra_radio)
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