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[MetricSystem] add __str__ function

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......@@ -124,6 +124,28 @@ class MetricSystem(_Enum):
raise ValueError("Cannot convert: %s" % value)
def __str__(self):
if self == MetricSystem.METER:
return "m"
elif self == MetricSystem.CENTIMETER:
return "cm"
elif self == MetricSystem.MILLIMETER:
return "mm"
elif self == MetricSystem.MICROMETER:
return "um"
elif self == MetricSystem.NANOMETER:
return "nm"
elif self == MetricSystem.KILOELECTRONVOLT:
return "keV"
elif self == MetricSystem.ELECTRONVOLT:
return "eV"
elif self == MetricSystem.JOULE:
return "J"
elif self == MetricSystem.KILOJOULE:
return "kJ"
raise ValueError("Cannot convert: %s" % value)
m = MetricSystem.METER
meter = MetricSystem.METER
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