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Quick Start
The goal is to have an unified API to access data from an EDF acquisition or an HDF5 acquisition.
EDF scan
To create a 'Scan' object from EDF you have to use the :class:`EDFTomoScan` class and provide the path to the acquisition:
.. code-block:: python
scan = EDFTomoScan(scan=folder_path)
.. warning:: Browsing EDF files is based on several convention at ESRF.
The most important one is that the acquisition 'identification' - which is the folder name is repeated in the file names.
For example if we have an acquisition names 'acq_0005' we expect edf file prefix to be 'acq_0005' too.
.. warning:: The :class:`EDFTomoScan` has been tested on EDF single frame files. It wouldn't be surprising if it fails on EDF multiple frames files.
HDF5 scan
.. warning:: The HDF5 managed by tomoscan should be NXTomo compliant. So if your files come directly from bliss you should first convert them using `nxtomomill <>`_.
See `tomoh52nx tutorial <>`_.
For HDF5 you have to provide the file you want to tread (.hdf5, .h5, .nx...) and an entry as HDF5 files can contains several acquisition.
.. code-block:: python
scan = HDF5TomoScan(scan=hdf5_files, entry='entry0000')
TomoScanBase API
Both :class:`EDFTomoScan` and :class:`HDF5TomoScan` are implementing the TomoScanBase interface.
This allow you to access flattely data from EDF or HDF5 regardless of the type of acquisition.
You can access:
* projections:
.. code-block:: python
* flats:
.. code-block:: python
* darks:
.. code-block:: python
* incoming beam energy:
.. code-block:: python
* detector pixel size:
.. code-block:: python
* ...
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......@@ -14,9 +14,9 @@ tomoscan will not produce any other file.
.. toctree::
:maxdepth: 2
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