Commit 2ae1e4da authored by payno's avatar payno
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[scanBase] get_sinogram: fix typo on getting the proj indexes

parent bf3ea398
......@@ -473,12 +473,12 @@ class TomoScanBase:
projections = self.projections
o_keys = list(projections.keys())
for i_proj, proj_key in enumerate(o_keys):
for i_proj, proj_index in enumerate(o_keys):
if i_proj % subsampling == 0:
proj_url = projections[proj_key]
proj_url = projections[proj_index]
proj =
proj = self.flat_field_correction(
projs=[proj], proj_indexes=[i_proj]
projs=[proj], proj_indexes=[proj_index]
sinogram[i_proj // subsampling] = proj[line]
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