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Commit 1799d3ba authored by payno's avatar payno

update CHANGELOG for 0.5.0

parent 6b738203
Change Log
0.5.0: XXXX/YY/ZZ
0.5.0: 2021/04/20
* esrf
* TomoScanBase: add properties `sequence_name`, `sample_name` and `group_size`
* TomoScanBase
* add `sequence_name`, `sample_name` and `group_size` properties
* add `start_time` and `end_time` properties
* add `x_translation`, `y_translation` and `z_translation` properties (Not handled by EDFTomoScan for now)
* HDF5TomoScan
* speed up sinogram generation
* improve lazy loading
* utils: add the concept of groups. A group for example is a set of sequences defining a zseries
0.4.0: 2020/11/09
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