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Change unit for pixel size to microns

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......@@ -480,9 +480,9 @@ class HDF5TomoScan(TomoScanBase):
"""read x and y pixel values"""
with h5py.File(self.master_file, 'r') as h5_file:
x_pixel_dataset = h5_file[self._entry][self._X_PIXEL_SIZE_PATH]
_x_pixel_size = self._get_value(x_pixel_dataset, default_unit='mm')
_x_pixel_size = self._get_value(x_pixel_dataset, default_unit='micrometer')
y_pixel_dataset = h5_file[self._entry][self._Y_PIXEL_SIZE_PATH]
_y_pixel_size = self._get_value(y_pixel_dataset, default_unit='mm')
_y_pixel_size = self._get_value(y_pixel_dataset, default_unit='micrometer')
return _x_pixel_size, _y_pixel_size
def _get_dim1_dim2(self):
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