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Dont add twice the initial radios

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...@@ -195,9 +195,6 @@ class MockHDF5(_ScanMock): ...@@ -195,9 +195,6 @@ class MockHDF5(_ScanMock):
self.add_initial_dark() self.add_initial_dark()
if create_ini_ref: if create_ini_ref:
self.add_initial_ref() self.add_initial_ref()
if n_ini_proj is not None:
for i_radio in range(n_ini_proj):
if create_final_ref: if create_final_ref:
self.add_final_ref() self.add_final_ref()
self.scan = HDF5TomoScan(scan=self.scan_master_file, entry='entry') self.scan = HDF5TomoScan(scan=self.scan_master_file, entry='entry')
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