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......@@ -580,7 +580,7 @@ def h5_to_nx(input_file_path: str, output_file: str, single_file:bool,
for i_acquisition, acquisition in enumerate(acquisitions):
if entries is not None and not in entries:'skip entry ' +
#'skip entry ' +
if single_file:
en_output_file = output_file
......@@ -1017,15 +1017,22 @@ class _Acquisition:
keys: typing.Iterable, info_retrieve,
def get_values():
def get_key_used():
for possible_key in keys:
if possible_key in node:
values = node[possible_key][()]
unit = _Acquisition._get_unit(node[possible_key],
return values, unit
return possible_key
return None
def get_values():
key = get_key_used()
if key is None:
return None, None
values = node[key][()]
unit = _Acquisition._get_unit(node[key],
return values, unit
return None, None
values, unit = get_values()
if values is None:
raise ValueError('Unable to retrieve %s for %s' % (info_retrieve,
......@@ -1046,7 +1053,7 @@ class _Acquisition:
return values[:-1].tolist(), unit
raise ValueError('incoherent number of angle position compare to '
'the number of frame')
'the number of frame from key {}'.format(get_key_used()))
def _write_beam(self, root_node, request_input, input_callback):
beam_node = root_node.create_group('beam')
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