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h52nx: add a warning if the key used for flat-titles is not the expected/recommanded one

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......@@ -1111,6 +1111,13 @@ class TomoHDF5Config:
flat_titles = convert_str_to_tuple(flat_titles, none_if_empty=True)
self.flat_titles = flat_titles
flat_title_key_picked = alias
if (
flat_title_key_picked is not None
and flat_title_key_picked != TomoHDF5Config.FLAT_TITLES_DK
f"{flat_title_key_picked} will be removed in the future. Please use {TomoHDF5Config.FLAT_TITLES_DK} instead"
# handle projection titles. empty string is consider as a valid value
proj_titles = dict_.get(TomoHDF5Config.PROJ_TITLES_DK, None)
if proj_titles is not None:
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