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[utils] add a warning if we are using virtual dataset on HDF5 < 1.12

/close #3277
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......@@ -451,6 +451,19 @@ def _insert_frame_data(data, file_path, data_path, where, logger=None):
if data_path in h5s:
# work on an existing dataset
if h5s[data_path].is_virtual:
if (
h5py.version.version.hdf5_version_tuple[0] <= 1
and h5py.version.version.hdf5_version_tuple[1] < 12
if logger:
"You are working on virtual dataset"
"with a hdf5 version < 12. Frame "
"you want to change might be "
"modified depending on the working "
"directory without notifying."
if isinstance(data, (numpy.ndarray, list, tuple)):
raise TypeError(
"Provided data is a numpy array when given"
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