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......@@ -98,3 +98,12 @@ Configuration file: section `[reconstruction]`: `method = FBP`, `padding_type =
This is the Filtered Back Projection reconstruction method.
### Reconstructor
This utility can only be used from the API ([Reconstructor](apidoc/nabu.reconstruction.reconstructor.rst#nabu.reconstruction.reconstructor.Reconstructor) and [CudaReconstructor](apidoc/nabu.reconstruction.reconstructor_cuda.rst#nabu.reconstruction.reconstructor_cuda.CudaReconstructor)).
The purpose of this class is to quickly reconstruct slices over the three main axes, possibly in a Region Of Interest. For example: "I want to reconstruct 50 vertical slices along the Y axis", or "I want to reconstruct 10 vertical slices along the X axis, with each slice in the subregion (1000-1200, 2000-2200)".
The Reconstructor enables to reconstruct slices/region of interest without reconstructing the whole volume.
......@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@ class Reconstructor:
To reconstruct the first two horizontal slices, i.e along `z`:
`R = Reconstructor(vol_shape, [0, 1])`
To reconstruct vertical slices 0-100 along the `y` axis:
`R = Reconstructor(vol_shape, np.arange(0, 100), axis="y")`
`R = Reconstructor(vol_shape, (0, 100), axis="y")`
self._set_shape(shape, vol_type)
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