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HDF5DatasetAnalyzer: rework get_results_file mechanism

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import os
import posixpath
from tempfile import mkdtemp
import numpy as np
from import DataUrl
from tomoscan.esrf.edfscan import EDFTomoScan
from tomoscan.esrf.hdf5scan import HDF5TomoScan
from ..thirdparty.tomwer_load_flats_darks import get_flats_frm_process_file, get_darks_frm_process_file
from .nxflatfield import NXFlatField
from ..utils import is_writeable
from .utils import is_hdf5_extension
dataset_infos = {
......@@ -222,26 +225,44 @@ class HDF5DatasetAnalyzer(DatasetAnalyzer):
return True
def _get_results_file(self):
results_relfname = os.path.splitext(
)[0] + "_nabu_processes.hdf5"
# Attempt 1: write in the same dir as the master NX file
results_dir = os.path.dirname(self.dataset_scanner.master_file)
if is_writeable(results_dir):
return os.path.join(results_dir, results_relfname)
# Attempt 2: write in the "output" dir, if specified
out_dir = self.extra_options["output_dir"]
if out_dir is not None and is_writeable(out_dir):
return os.path.join(out_dir, results_relfname)
# Last attempt: write in a temporary directory
tempdir = mkdtemp(prefix="nabu_flatfield_")
return os.path.join(tempdir, results_relfname)
def _compute_or_load_flats(self):
processes_file = self.processes_file
if processes_file is None:
processes_file = os.path.join(self.dataset_scanner.path, "nabu_processes.h5")
# By default, write in processes_file. Not sure it is a good idea
results_file = processes_file
# Don't write in processes_file if flatfield = forced
if self.extra_options["force_flatfield"]:
results_file = None
lookup_files = [
data_path=os.path.join(self.dataset_scanner.entry, "flat_field_images")
h5_entry = self.entry or "entry"
h5_path = posixpath.join(h5_entry, "flat_field_images")
if self.processes_file is None:
lookup_files = None
lookup_files = [
DataUrl(file_path=self.processes_file, data_path=h5_path)
# In this case, we always want to return a dict of DataUrl,
# so we have to write the final flats/darks somewhere.
# Therefore results_url cannot be None when instantiating NXFlatField.
# It will be ignored if data can be loaded from self.processes_file
results_file = self._get_results_file()
results_url = DataUrl(file_path=results_file, data_path=h5_path)
self._nxflatfield = NXFlatField(
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