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[app][nabu] define entry only if not an EDFTomoScan

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......@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ if __has_pyopencl__:
from pyopencl import CommandQueue
from ..cuda.utils import replace_array_memory as replace_cuarray_memory
from ..opencl.utils import replace_array_memory as replace_clarray_memory
from tomoscan.esrf.edfscan import EDFTomoScan
class WorkerProcess:
......@@ -475,11 +476,15 @@ class WorkerProcess:
options = self.processing_options["save"]
if FileFormat.from_value(files_formats[options["file_format"]]) != FileFormat.HDF5:
return None
if isinstance(self.dataset_infos.dataset_scanner, EDFTomoScan):
entry = self.dataset_infos.dataset_scanner.entry
nx_infos = {
"process_name": process_name,
"processing_index": 0,
"config": self.process_config.nabu_config,
"entry": self.dataset_infos.dataset_scanner.entry,
"entry": entry,
return nx_infos
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