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# Installation
To install the current release:
pip install nabu
To install the current development version
pip install git+
## Dependencies
The above `pip install` command should automatically install the nabu dependencies.
For the record, the mandatory dependencies are the following:
- numpy
- pytest
- psutil
- [silx](
- [tomoscan](
All of them can be installed with `pip`.
There are optional dependencides enabling various features:
- Computations acceleration (GPU/manycore CPU): `pycuda`, `pyopencl`
- Computations distribution: `distributed`, `dask_jobqueue`
Please note that Nabu supports Python >= 3.5.
# Quick start
## Create a configuration file
The configuration file defines the different processing steps and their options.
To create a configuration file from scratch, you can use
nabu-config --bootstrap
More options are available, see `nabu-config --help`.
## Run the reconstruction
Once you filled-in the configuration, just run
nabu nabu.conf
More options are available, see `nabu --help`. For example, to reconstruct slices 1000 to 1100: `nabu nabu.conf --slice 1000-1100`
## See also
[Configuration file](
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