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### Compatibility policy
At this early development stage, it is not entirely clear which keys should be in the configuration file. In the future, some keys might be removed, added, or have their name changed. Also, with new features coming, new keys/sections might appear in the configuration file.
During the development of Nabu, some features will be added, leading to new keys in the configuration file. Besides, some keys might be renamed or even deleted if deemed necessary.
Thus, the configuration file might change according to the version of nabu. For this reason, there is a section `[about]` in the configuration file, which defines a `nabu_version` and a `nabu_config_version`. A given version of the nabu software (`nabu_version`) will be compatible with a certain range of nabu configuration files (`nabu_config_version`).
In any case, **a configuration file from an "old" version of nabu will be supported by newer versions** for some time, with a deprecation warning when using obsolete keys.
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