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Fix API doc for cuda.medfilt

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......@@ -32,18 +32,18 @@ class MedianFilter(CudaProcessing):
Size of the median filter, in the format (y, x).
mode: str
Boundary handling mode. Available modes are:
"reflect": cba|abcd|dcb
"nearest": aaa|abcd|ddd
"wrap": bcd|abcd|abc
"constant": 000|abcd|000
- "reflect": cba|abcd|dcb
- "nearest": aaa|abcd|ddd
- "wrap": bcd|abcd|abc
- "constant": 000|abcd|000
Default is "reflect".
threshold: float, optional
Threshold for the "thresholded median filter".
A thresholded median filter only replaces a pixel value by the median
if this pixel value is greater or equal than median + threshold.
Cuda Parameters
Please refer to the documentation of the CudaProcessing class for
the other parameters.
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