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# Processing and Components
This page brings some terminology for developers.
## Processing
`Processing` is a class making a specific processing step (ex. `FlatField`). In general, these classes provide a very specific feature (ex. Paganin phase retrieval, Median-clip, ...).
``` note:: The name "Processing" serves as a terminology to distinguish between concepts and Nabu classes. It is not formally enforced by inheritance in the Nabu code, although these classes usually inherit from a "Processing"-like class, like "CCDProcessing", "CudaProcessing", etc.
When building an application upon Nabu, these are the last classes to be called, once all the parameters are sorted out.
The typical usage of a `Processing`-like class is
- First instantiate the class with specific options
- Then, Call the main class method
# Build a Processing object - it might take some time
F = FlatField(radios, flats, darks)
# Then, perform the processing
F.normalize_radios() # parameters depend on the class implementation, ex. CudaFlatfield
A `Component` is a wrapper around a `Processing`, whose aim is to make the translation between user parameters and final `Processing` parameters.
For an interactive usage where the data is "ready" and all the parameters are known, it is fine to use `Processing` classes directly. Each feature can be seen as an individual function or class instance.
In an application, by contrast, the `Processing` classes (ex. `FlatField`) are part of a wider context (data/GPU contexts have to be re-used, parameters have to be consistent in the whole processing chain, and so on). Therefore, the application is built on top of several `Component` objects, which in turn use the `Processing` objects. A `Component` uses one or more `Processing` class instances, sometimes in loops, for example to manage input/output arrays.
Conceptually, these are "application components" or "processing pipeline components". A component breaks down in one or several "elementary" Processing steps.
......@@ -187,10 +187,10 @@ class NabuWorkerProcess:
phaseretr_kwargs = {,
energy=self.dataset_infos.distance, # TODO convert
pixel_size=self.dataset_infos.pixel_size, # TODO convert
"energy": self.dataset_infos.distance, # TODO convert
"delta_beta": phaseretr_options["paganin_delta_beta"],
"pixel_size": self.dataset_infos.pixel_size, # TODO convert
"padding": phaseretr_options["paganin_padding_type"]
"margin": None, # TODO
"use_R2C": True,
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