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# Computations distribution
An essential feature of Nabu is to distribute the computations on the local machine or on a computing cluster.
## Rationale
Nabu is designed to process large volumes of data acquired in synchrotrons. Usually, these facilities have an on-site computing cluster to process the acquired data.
Nabu makes advantage of the parallel-beam geometry of synchrotron beam. The data is divided in [Chunks]( ; and each chunk gives a series of slices after the reconstruction. Critically, the parallel-beam geometry allows to dispatch work done on chunks in a completely independent way (see [computations distribution]( This means that each chunk of data can be processed on a separate computing node.
## How to distribute the computations ?
Nabu makes a clear distinction between "what to do" (processing steps) and "how to do it" (computations distribution). This means that you can modify the processing steps without modifying the tasks distribution configuration, and conversely.
The computations distribution is specified from the [configuration file]( (or alternatively the [ProcessConfig](apidoc/nabu.resources.processconfig) class), in the section `[resources]`.
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